Example Data

To allow evaluation of the software example data is available for download. This contains a number of unconverted Polysync (*.vno) files and an example VSA dataset.

Extract the data from the zip file. Either open the VSA, create a new multiple probe dataset and import the *.vno files, or open the VSA, click the "Open existing dataset" button and open the example dataset file ("Example.majds").

The data was collected in an experimental flume. One probe was used to traverse a cross-section of the flume, the other was at a fixed position upstream, and used to monitor flow stability (i.e. the streamwise velocity measured by the fixed probe should be approximately constant).

Please Note

This software is released in the hope that it will be useful to other users of Nortek ADVs or other devices with compatible outputs. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Please follow the link for formal licencing information, but note that this software comes with no warranty (having said that, it is designed to only read from the original data files, not write to them, so your data should be safe!).

For more information about the software, please contact:
Feedback is welcomed - please let me know if you find the software useful or have any problems with it.