Velocity Signal Analyser

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Batch processes and automatically plots data from ADVs and other sources:

Nortek Vectrino+ v1.10

- Unconverted (*.vno) files

- Converted (*.dat) files

Nortek Vectrino II

- Matlab format (*.mat) files

- Converted (*.dat) files

Nortek Polysync v1.0.17

- Unconverted (*.vno) files

- Converted (*vel.txt) files

Nortek Vector

- Unconverted (*.vec) files (files recorded in "burst mode" are automatically split into bursts)

- Converted (*.dat) files

Turbulent Flow Instrumentation (TFI) Cobra Probes

- Unconverted (*.thX) files

Files of single streamwise velocity measurements (used to import measurements made with other apparatus, such as Pitot-static tubes)

CSV data files

(Processing of Vectrino and Vector data using ExploreV or PolySync software is no longer necessary, allowing quick, automated import of a large number of data files, or "real-time" import while gathering additional data.)

The user may specify a maximum file size, causing large files to be automatically split into subsets of the data.

Time-series trimming functionality allows data to be extracted from the full time-series.

Includes a choice of despiking filters for spike removal (see FAQ for references):

Phase-Space Thresholding (PST)

Modified PST

Velocity Correlation

Signal Correlation

Calculates (among other data):

Streamwise and lateral velocities

Reynolds stresses

Turbulence intensity and flux

Power spectra

Quadrant-Hole analysis data

Graphically presents data:

Vertical and horizontal sections from contour plots

Depth-averaged values

Export as table (for Excel or other spreadsheets)

Export as Matlab script (for cut and paste into Matlab for prettier pictures)

v1.2.4 onwards supports Multi-Run functionality (CSV, Vectrino and PolySync VNO files only at present):

The time-series at a data point is the mean of data from a number of experimental runs

Runs may be synchronised by first occurrence of a limiting value or the maximum value

Mean time-series and individual run time-series may be examined

v1.3.6 onwards supports the splitting of files by:

Burst mode (Vector *.vec files)

Number of measurements - if required, large files may be split and displayed as smaller files

A brief video showing some of the functionality is available here.

A user guide and the software may be downloaded here. Though incomplete, the user guide should provide sufficient information to allow use of the software, and much of the functionality should be self-explanatory.

For further information, please see the overview and FAQ, or contact me - note that while I will do my utmost to respond promptly, work must take precedence! Please report any bugs and I'll try to get them fixed, time permitting.

Please Note

This software is released in the hope that it will be useful to other users of Nortek ADVs or other devices with compatible outputs. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Please follow the link for formal licencing information, but note that this software comes with no warranty (having said that, it is designed to only read from the original data files, not write to them, so your data should be safe!).

For more information about the software, please contact:
Feedback is welcomed - please let me know if you find the software useful or have any problems with it.