This tool was written to batch process, and aid the analysis of, the Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) data files gathered for my PhD, though it will also process CSV and other formats (see FAQ). Due to the large number of data files generated by my research, I wanted to avoid having to use the Vectrino, ExploreV and Polysync software to convert each data file in turn. It grew from a simple program to extract data from the ADV files to its current form, and will now calculate a large selection of useful information, such as streamwise and lateral velocities, turbulence flux, Reynolds' stresses, power spectra and Quadrant-Hole analysis data. The batch processing options include a number of data filtering methods (such as Goring and Nikora's Phase-Space Thresholding (PST) method, Parsheh et al.'s modified version, mPST, and Cea et al.'s Velocity Correlation method) - credit for the development of these must go to their authors, and all are referenced within the software.

Multiple data files of 3-D, instantaneous velocity measurements may be imported simultaneously. If labelled correctly, the data is automatically translated for probe-orientation and mean velocities are plotted on a channel cross-section. File formats other than those above could be handled with minor code changes.

Multiple-probe data files (such as those from Nortek Polysync) can be imported. These may contain a fixed, reference probe (which remains in one position as the mobile probe(s) traverse the cross-section) and/or an array of mobile probes whose relative positions are fixed but which traverse the cross-section together.

Right-clicking on the graphs will bring up a context menu, which allows sub-graphs (vertical and horizontal sections) and graph export (as tables for import into, for example, Excel, or as a Matlab script which may be cut and paste to produce a prettier contour graph), along with other functionality.

For the purposes of calculating channel-mean and depth-averaged values, the software assumes a rectangular channel. Width and water depth can be specified. This assumption does not affect the processing of the ADV time-series for the individual data points, and so the software may be used to process the data for non-rectangular channel applications - you'll just have to map the data points onto your channel cross-section. If there is sufficient demand, other channel shapes could be added.

A user guide and the software may be downloaded here. Though incomplete, the user guide should provide sufficient information to allow use of the software, and much of the functionality should be self-explanatory.

For further information, please contact me. However, note that while I will do my utmost to respond promptly, work must take precedence! Please report any bugs and I'll try to get them fixed, time permitting.

Please Note

This software is released in the hope that it will be useful to other users of Nortek ADVs or other devices with compatible outputs. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Please follow the link for formal licencing information, but note that this software comes with no warranty (having said that, it is designed to only read from the original data files, not write to them, so your data should be safe!).

For more information about the software, please contact:
Feedback is welcomed - please let me know if you find the software useful or have any problems with it.